Vendor Registration

Please choose one of the options below to register your vendor by July 1, 2018. Space is limited.

Craft and Material Vendor Package: 

10×10 ft space on Vendor Row (does not include tent) $140
10×20 ft space on Vendor Row (does not include tent) $280
20×20 ft space on Vendor Row (does not include tent) $560

Food Vendor Package:

10×20 ft space (does not include tent) $375
20×20 ft space (does not include tent) $700

        *Electricity is limited and will only be available in certain areas.

Please enter the security code:
security code
Security Code:

    A. To hereby release and forever discharge Colorado Scottish Festival, The City of Edgewater and its officers and agents. All sponsoring organizations, and their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damages arising out of or in conjunction with my application and participation in the Colorado Scottish Festival. the Colorado Scottish Festival will not be responsible for any injury sustained by artists, vendors or guests while within space designated for the aforementioned, including the sale of all products or services occurring at such booth space. I agree to pay for all damages that may have been caused as a result of the operation of my booth, sale of my products or of any of my other actions at the Colorado Scottish Festival. I further agree to store my products, merchandise, and/or art at my own risk without exception or limitations.

    B. To supply my own tent(s) along with all necessary equipment and tables and chairs for my products.

    C. To comply with all representations of this application and with all of the conditions and deadline set forth in the informational letter sent me upon acceptance into the Colorado Scottish Festival. I Further agree that if I do not comply with such representations or conditions, nor meet all requirements, I may not be allowed to operate that day of the Festival and I would forfeit all entry fees.

    D. To attach a certificate of insurance representing a minimum of $1,000,000 liability or to complete an indemnity form releasing City of Edgewater and the Colorado Scottish Festival.

    E. To leave my space as I found it, properly disposing of trash and all waste products within the components made available by the Colorado Scottish Festival, and removing all my equipment in a timely manner at the conclusion of the Festival. I agree to pay for any expenses that Colorado Scottish Festival may have incurred as a result of my not fully cooperating with the Festival organizers. Minimum fee incurred for non-compliance is $500.

     F. To use my best efforts to present high quality products and services and to cooperate with Festival organizers in assuring the Colorado Scottish Festival will be the best possible.

    G. Should an Act of God/terrorism/Mother Nature/or Community Disaster occur, Colorado Scottish Festival staff will make all decisions regarding the Festival based on safety first. Colorado Scottish Festival cannot accept the risk of disaster for everyone. Each participant and vendor needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee. There will be NO REFUNDS. The money paid is spent developing the event. Colorado Scottish Festival does not save money if you do not participate in the event. Colorado Scottish Festival has ordered and is liable for every supply, rental and services needed for the event, regardless of the outcome. These costs include but are not limited to paying for marketing, entertainments, permits, event staff, offices and administration costs all year.

     I have read, understand and will comply with all rules and regulations as outlined in this application.