Highland Dance Competition, Colorado Scottish Festival

Saturday, August 5, 2017 – Snowmass, CO

Afternoon events only: 1pm to 5pm

For more information, contact Mandy Bakulski at mandymc123@comcast.net

Judge: Kyla Groeschel – Sacramento, CA  USSW – 0503


This competition will be conducted under the rules of the SOBHD and FUSTA.
1. No phone or fax entries will be accepted.

2. All dancers must have a valid 2017 FUSTA, ScotDance or SOBHD registration card. No entry will be accepted without a current registration number. All dancers must present their registration card the day of the competition in order to compete.

3. Entry form must be received by July 21, 2017. Field entries will be accepted, as space permits, but competitor must pay additional $10 late fee.

4. Age groups will be determined by the number of entries received. Ages will be calculated as age on the day of competition.

5. The decisions of the adjudicator are final. Any attempt to talk to the judge during the competition will disqualify that dancer.

6. Medals or ribbons will be awarded to four places, or less if determined by the judge. Cash award in lieu of medals will be awarded to oldest Premier age group in the following amounts: $20, $15, $10, and $5. There will be no trophies awarded at the Primary level. Class trophies will be based on all dances in that session. 

7. Highland dress will be worn in accordance with SOBHD rules. Dancers must be in full costume to receive awards.

8. Dancers not in the marshalling area when their class is called to dance will forfeit that dance.

9. Petitions should be filed to the dance chairman no later than 15 minutes after the end of the awards ceremonies. The petition should be in writing and be accompanied by a $25 fee that will be refunded if the petition is warranted.

10. FUSTA receives $1 from every dancer entry.


  • Primary 1 dance ($5)
  • Primary 2 dances ($10)
  • Primary 3 or more dances ($15)
  • Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Premier ($30)

Registration begins at 12:30pm, Dancing begins at 1pm.

All groups will dance at the same time starting with Primary dancers. 

  • Primary – 16 Pas de Basques, Pas de Basques & Highcuts, Fling (4-step), Sword (2&1)
  • Beginner – Fling (4-step), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1), Lilt (4-step)
  • Novice – Fling (4-step), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1), Flora (4-step)
  • Intermediate – Seann (3&1), Barracks (4-step), Laddie (4-step), Hornpipe (4-step)
  • Premier:  Seann (3&1), Laddie (4-step), Blue Bonnets (4-step), Village Maid (4-step)