The Renaissance Scots Living History

In July 2017, eight members of the Renaissance Scots traveled to the Highlands of Scotland for a week of intense training in historic sword-fighting skills. Come see them demonstrate their new skills at the Colorado Scottish Festival and watch their Scottish adventure here:


The Renaissance Scots Living History Association, a 501 (c) 3 educational nonprofit corporation, has been delighting attendees at Celtic events in the Rocky Mountain West for more than 21 years. The RenScots provide a village setting where the public experiences highland Scottish life and crafts from the time of William Wallace (Braveheart) through Culloden in 1745.

The Renaissance Scots bring an entire living history village to the Festival, demonstrating such crafts as blacksmithing, basketry, leather-working, knitting, lacemaking, and the manufacture of cloth, including spinning and weaving tartan patterns.  This year their weaver will demonstrate weaving the Colorado Tartan. The Renaissance Scots encourage children and adults to join in to learn the making of items that were essential for daily life so long ago, and continue to bring beauty and utility to life today.

The Renaissance Scots will also bring their “defensive arm” – the Wolves of Dunvegan, whose demonstration of fighting with swords and polearms is always audience-pleasing.  The Wolves will also demonstrate and teach fighting techniques from the era of William Wallace through Culloden, and a favorite part of every Colorado Scottish Festival is the area where enthusiastic children and their parents can “sword-fight.”

Many of the Wolves will have just returned from a week long intensive sword workshop with Maestro Paul Macdonald at his Academy of Arms in Edinburgh Scotland, and will have new techniques to demonstrate for the first time at the Colorado Scottish Festival.

Read about Mark Riehm, one of the historic re-enactors at the Colorado Scottish Festival.

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