Mark Riehm is one of the historic re-enactors who will be featured prominently at the Colorado Scottish Festival in Edgewater on August 4-5, 2018.

Mark says his involvement with the Renaissance Scots began about 20 years ago.  At first, he thought it was “just a fun thing to do,” but since the Renaissance Scots have become an educational nonprofit, he participates to help people understand life in Scotland beginning in the 1740s — the time period just before the Jacobite uprising against the English that ended so disastrously for the Scots on Culloden Moor.  Mark describes it as the time set in “Outlander One.”

The Renaissance Scots will bring an entire living history village to the Festival, demonstrating such crafts as blacksmithing, basketry, leather-working, knitting, lacemaking, and the manufacture of cloth.  Mark himself will be spinning and weaving tartan patterns.  All of the re-enactors encourage children and adults to join in to learn the making of items essential for daily life so long ago.  

The Renaissance Scots will also bring their “defensive arm” – the Wolves of Dunvegan, whose demonstration of fighting with swords and picks is always audience-pleasing.  The Wolves will also demonstrate and teach fighting techniques from the era, and a favorite part of every Colorado Scottish Festival is the area where enthusiastic children and dads can “sword-fight.”

Some of the Wolves will have just returned from a week of long-sword school in Scotland, and will have new techniques to demonstrate. 

Professionally, Mark  is an artist and a “project management/IT guy.”