Greg Bradshaw runs the Scottish athletic competitions for the Colorado Scottish Festival.

Greg has run competitions for the Great Highland Athletes for more than 50 years (with co-athletic director Wayne Staggs).

 Greg is part of a three-generation family of Scottish athletic competitors.

 Greg’s father, Hank Bradshaw, also known as “Mr. Caber,” was born in Manitoba, Canada, in 1913. He was introduced to Scottish athletics in his 20s and brought his interest in athletics to Denver, where he became a member of the St. Andrews Society of Colorado in the late ‘50’s.

Hank and his family — including Greg — always attended the Society’s annual picnic, where piping and dancing competitions were organized.   Hank introduced athletic competitions, especially the caber toss, to the picnic and to the public’s attention. The caber is essentially a telephone pole that Scottish athletes throw end-over-end.

Hank Bradshaw


 In addition, from the very first, Hank included women’s heavy events in the games — a first in the world!

Sadly, Hank passed away in 1977 at the age of 64.  But the movement he fathered is very much alive and has continued to grow. The Bradshaw Trophy is awarded to the top men’s and women’s caber-tossers at the Colorado Scottish Festival in his honor.

Greg followed in his father’s footsteps, winning many competitions in Scottish athletics along the way. He is the founder of the Rocky Mountain Scottish Athletes and is a judge and athletic director at many games around the country and in Scotland. Greg was inducted into the International Scottish Masters Hall of Fame in 2006 in Inverness, Scotland.

Greg, in turn, is being followed by his athletic sons, Landon (age 47) and Hank (age 38), who have competed successfully at the Colorado Scottish Festival and other festivals that feature Scottish athletic events. Son Hank is also the announcer for the Colorado Scottish Festival and all regional Scottish athletic events.