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Saturday, August 3, 2024

9am – 3:30pm

Primary, Pre-Premier and Premier events 

Registration begins at 8:30am, dancing begins at 9am. All groups, except Primary, will dance at the same time with a break for lunch between the morning and afternoon sessions. Fling, Sword and Seann will be danced in the morning with the remaining dances for each group danced in the afternoon. Primary dancers will register at 10:45am and compete at the end of the morning session, around 11/11:15 am. 


Awards presentation for all age groups except Primary will occur at the end of the day’s competitive events, estimated to be around 3:00pm. Primary events will be awarded upon completion of their dances prior to the noonday ceremonies.  

Interested in helping to sponsor the competition? CLICK HERE or complete the sponsorship information as part of your competitor registration. (Link coming soon!)


Denver Polo Club

6359 Airport Road
Sedalia, CO 80135

** Parking will be available on-site for a fee **



Kiki Bentzen

Bellevue, WA



Primary – 16 Pas de Basques, Pas de Basques & Highcuts, Fling (4), Sword (2&1)

Beginner – Fling (4), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1), Half Tulloch, Lilt (4), Flora (4)

Novice – Fling (4), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1),Half Tulloch, Lilt (4), Flora (4)

Intermediate – Fling (4), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1), Laddie (4), Barracks (4), Hornpipe (4)

Premier:  Fling (4), Sword (2&1), Seann (3&1), Laddie (4), Lilt (4), Earl (4)

Questions: Contact Mandy Bakulski at

Please visit the Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers website for more info on Highland Dancing in Colorado. Click Here!

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